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SOUL Stories


I'm Nina Bohnert, founder of SOUL Stories and an expert in holistic stress management and

burnout prevention.

Stress accompanies us every day, but very few of us have learned to deal with it consciously. I also did well with this strategy for a long time. Most recently in a manager position in a corporate company until I was diagnosed with burnout at the end of 2019. Systemic coaching, yoga and other methods have helped me to regain my balance. 

Every soul has its own story. 


At SOUL Stories we work together on your challenges, whether at work or privately, for more clarity and a life that you can hardly wait to get up for every day.



Are you just tense and don't know when was the last time you could really relax?

Does life have a lesson for you right now and you don't know how to solve it? Or does this lesson keep repeating itself, but you don't know why and you feel lost?


At SOUL Stories I coach you in 1:1 online sessions. Together we look at where you are and where you want to go. What gives you energy? And what does it take from you? What situations trigger stress in you? How would you like to deal with this in the future?

I support you to recognize your stressors, to solve them and to have more fun in your life again. I combine different methods from systemic coaching, NLP, EMDR, yoga and stress management - tailored to your situation.

Before we start, I offer you a 15-minute introductory meeting for free. A coaching process is very individual and I want to make sure that we fit together and that I can help you in your situation.


Client, 35 years

Nina is very open and understanding. She knows how to quickly establish a connection with her counterpart. Her authentic attitude shows in the conversations and it was easy for me to trust her.

Client, 39 years

Nina showed me access to my feelings and emotions that wanted to be seen. Situations that I was allowed to experience in order to fill them with new emotions. Lots of tears, lots of pain to let go of. I learn from them trust, acceptance and surrender. This is the toughest challenge, but it's worth it.


The best thing is that I don't have to walk this path alone. Honest, direct, with a big heart and a feeling for the other person. 

Client, 36 years

Looking deep inside is not always easy. It is easier when someone accompanies and supports you.

I am very happy to have taken this step and to have opened up.

The sessions with Nina were really great and very helpful for me. I was able to learn a lot about myself and, above all, found out more about myself. After the sessions I felt better and better and was motivated to take on new tasks.

I am very grateful for the experience and will continue to do so.


I can only warmly recommend the coaching with Nina.

Client, 36 years

Nina has an incredible gift of reading people and aligning energy. From the moment we had our first coaching session I felt an incredible relief physically and mentally.

Client, 42 years

The coaching with Nina has completely changed my life.

I have already had several coaching sessions, but never had the feeling that I had found the core of the whole thing. I was very impressed by the techniques that Nina uses and her above-average analytical skills.

She got things straight to the point in no time and I had the feeling that I see the core of it all.


I am happy to recommend Nina because I find her work simply great and valuable. She has definitely enriched my life.


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