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My Stories


People's stories have fascinated and inspired me for as long as I can remember. Especially portraits, whether as bio or photography. Where do they come from and what made them the people they are today?

This fascination has remained to this day. 

I too have my very own SOUL Stories. They shaped me, formed me, made me celebrate with happiness and sometimes made me despair.

The death of my little brother in 2014 changed the way I look at life. Luckily I didn't have to go through it alone, but had valuable coaches at my side. This was also the case when I was diagnosed with burnout at the end of 2019. Before that, I had very successful, award-winning, albeit stressful years in my job and was on the road a lot on film and photo productions.  


I loved my job, but I quickly decided that I couldn't go on like this any longer. 

By combining different tools, I was able to return to my job after just 8 weeks with a clear vision for my life and took the next steps.

I went the way out of a burnout and know what influence stress can have on body, mind & soul. Especially on the nervous and hormone system. The mind cannot heal without the body and vice versa. Systemic coaching, yoga and other methods were important game changers for me.  For this reason I made a conscious decision against my career in the corporate company last year in order to share my experiences and follow my purpose. 

In my SOUL Sessions I follow a holistic approach to body, mind & soul. I combine my experience from 15 years of advertising industry in agency & corporate company in different positions with systemic coaching methods. 

Authenticity and personal responsibility are my top priorities in the coaching process. I see challenges as an opportunity to grow when you are ready for it.

My purpose is to accompany people on their way and to inspire them to create their lives in such a way that they can hardly wait to get up in the morning.  

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